Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stained Glass Window TLS

As far as I can remember when I came to the school in 1959 this stained glass window was already there.

To an ulu boy the fact I did not know anything about European art history of stained glass window remains a significant part of my life. I just looked at it as if it was a part of urban structure - very pretty and took it for granted.

As I slowly acquired more knowledge in school the significance of stained glass dawned on me.

Nevertheless it is still a remarkable piece of art in a small part of Borneo. I suppose it is even more remarkable that it is one of the few pieces left in Borneo.
And perhaps Mr.Nicholl had a hand in its design and specifications. I was too young being just 9 years old then and too "ulu"

Friday, November 28, 2008

Upper Sixth Arts Class of 1967

Staff of Tanjong Lobang School Welcoming Mr. Kum Boo

Mr. Kum Boo was the Director of Education Department of Sarawak.

It was a big occasion for the school.

This photo is truly a collector's item.