Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Alec Kaboy

In 1967 Alec was a prefect in the Tanjong Lobang school with many of my friends. I was not one of the prefects.

Alec came from Kanowit Secondary School (now Sedaya) which was at that time one of the leading schools for rural students. In fact out of KSS came several brilliant native scholars and leaders in the world today.

Alec's home village is Bedil which is today still the main stronghold of the Kanowits a special group of Melanaus.

A gentleman always Alec was a true scholar in our school days. He has a great sense of justice and would be honourable for honour's sake.

My last meeting with him was in the Subang Airport in 1969. I rode a motorbike to meet up with him all the way from MU just to see an "old" friend off to the United States.

I did not know then that it would be 40 years before I would see him again.

Here he is standing with his former classrooms behind him.

Popular place to take a photo. The name of the school has changed. There is no more Tanjong Lobang School.

We had special escapades when we were students. Some would best be forgotten. Some would remain with us forever.

He made it home to Sarawak last year but we did not meet up. But this year he made sure that even though hard pressed for time he came all the way from Bedil to see me and visit the old school.

Many things have changed but he felt that it was like yesterday that he left the school.

I would like to think that he has not changed at all where friends are concerned. And that's very Alec. Bless his heart.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Alexander Isut and Michael Martin

Here you are reuninted again....after 1968 in Tanjong Lobang School.

The guitar was the sole entertainment instrument as most of us could not afford a radio. Most of us became good guitar players and singers.

These two were the best duets during their time.

How time flies.

Cheers to great friendship.