Sunday, February 14, 2010

All Round Education at Tanjong Lobang School

It was in 1966 when we were all gathered together at the school assembly hall to listen to something which was quite new to us.

A young Dr. Chan was to introduce a very important topic to us : Family Planning.

Most of us did not know what that was.

Dr. George Chan was then very young and he had just come to Miri and we all knew that he had a beautiful American wife. That also amazed most of us at the school.

What I remember most was Dr. Chan introduced us the Loop and he told us how it was to be inserted into a woman's body. A friend tried it in his clenched fist and decided that it was
To this day I still remember that statement.

It could really be ticklish I thought.

When it was Dr. Sulaiman's turn to give a career talk he took all of us Form Six students to his quarters at the Peninsular next to the old Miri Hospital.

He and his wife entertained us to what I considered as one of the most impressive career talk I had ever attended in my life.

His pretty wife served us a smashing and delicious iced fruit juice. And to this day I have never forgotten that particular drink too.

But I have forgotten most of what Dr. Sulaiman told us.

I believe that most of my school mates have to this day very lasting memories of what these two men brought into our lives. Poor students like us often needed that little inspiration and that little human touch to make us feel that our minds could be moulded.

And both of them inspired us to use the English language.


Anson Liew said...

To all ex-collegians,

reunion dinner on the 19 of June 2010 at school compound.

all ex-collegians are invited. Pls contact the school office at 6085411795 for more details.


Noble Savage said...

There will also be an older group 1959-1970 TLS/TLC reunion on 9th October...can you help also?

We will attend if time allows...your function...