Monday, November 9, 2009

Robert Madang and Haji Mohammad

Robert Madang receiving "allowance increment" from the Prime Minister.

Robert left school to join the Army.

This is our learned professor Emeritus Dato Haji Mohammad.

This is one of the rare black and white photographs which come back to me via the Internet. My group of former school mates have helped a lot by sharing their photos. Mine were mostly burnt in a fire that razed my longhouse many years ago.

A pity then. But now I realise how technology can help us. I am slowly making a small collection of 1959 to 1968 photos.

I used to enjoy printing the old style photos in the school lab. I suppose I can still "develop" photographs today if I have a chance from scratch.

Robert today is a retired Colonel and is an author of two books with more coming. He is a poet too. Haji is Professor Emeritus from MU.

Our struggles as survivors then were all worth it. But friendship is supreme.

thanks uchaks.


Robert Rizal Abdullah said...

Uchak Sawan,

Thanks for the write-up on Haji and me.

It brought back the sweet memories of Tanjong Lobang. I felt a lump in my throat. How I wish we could relive those days!

Noble Savage said...

Thanks...your photos always give me the tight feelings of nostalgia.

those were really good days.

Thanks for being part of it.

Till we meet again.

David Chin said...

You mean to say that you guys have not met after you left Tanjong? Be sure you are at our reunion on 10.10.10, I will try my best to attend because Miri is my home town.